3 Ways to Stay Active in the Outdoor Community During COVID-19

Wow, what a time it’s been… I have officially been quarantined for about a full month now. There have been some highs (learning how to paint with watercolors and baking delicious cakes) and some lows (letting one tiny issue at work push me over the edge which lead to crying for a whole afternoon). I can probably speak to the majority of us, LET US OUT!

I have been trying to use all this new free time to focus on things that really matter and it’s been super fun connected with people around the world through Instagram Live, Zoom workout classes, Quiplash (trust me, you’ll want to play this), and trying to stay connected to the outdoors and its community. 

During this time we should be staying indoors, but that doesn’t mean we have to kiss the outdoors goodbye. I have created a list of outdoor focus activities to partake in that doesn’t require leaving the house. SAY WHATTTT.

Outwild Seminars 

What is Outwild you may ask… Let me tell you! It’s a community and event-series for people that want to create more outdoor, value-driven lifestyles. Did I mention Sanni McCandless is part of their team!? She’s such a badass…

The resource I’ve been utilizing from their website is Online Events. They typically occur every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday with some events scattered through some weekends. 


Let’s talk money… Outwild Events are donation based. I suggest a donation of $10 or more if you can afford it, but if this amount is still out of your budget they do have free registration. 

Types of Online Classes

Where to even begin? They offer classes such as Vinyasa, Mediation, Social Medicine events, Couch to 5k, Outdoor Photography, Staying Focused in Uncertain Times, and so on. View this link to access their up-to-date calendar, https://www.outwild.co/online-events

The class I took was an Outdoor Photography Class taught by Eliza Earle, a successful climbing, running, and lifestyle photographer. She inspired me to continue to take kick-ass photos and she talked about her experience transitioning from having a normal 9-5 job to freelance. Check out her Instagram here

Tim and Fin 

Tim and Fin are a couple traveling full time and documenting the beautiful mess of exploring the world. Recently, I have been missing road trips and taking the road less traveled so I have been constantly consuming travel Youtube videos. That is when I stumbled upon Tim and Fin! I was instantly drawn into the way they document their travels because they are transparent and show that road trippin’ isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. They seemed to constantly get stuck in the rain, break expensive gear, and visit places that do not meet expectations, but they don’t let it bring them down because it’s all part of the experience.

They also have a great blog to help you ditch your 9-5, build a successful Amazon FBA Business, and tips on how to become a digital nomad

Dirtbag Diaries

The Dirtbag Diaries is a thirteen-year-old adventure podcast that covers all things climbing, skiing, hiking, biking, running, and travel. The host of the podcast is outdoor writer, Fitz Cahall, who presents stories about the dreamers, athletes, and wanderers of the world.

I recently listened to the episode titled The UnderDonkey which touched on Leadville’s yearly burro race which occurs every August.  You will follow along with the year’s underdog, or er.. underdonkey. Give it a listen and let me know what you think! 

I'm Chandler Hallmark and I love to take road trips around North America with my boyfriend, Rex! This blog lives to inspire outdoor adventure, inspired by our home in Colorado. Join me in taking the path less traveled, wingin' it, and seeing what the world has to offer!

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